Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit this site which is a collection of my creative works as an architecture student at Drexel University.  Currently, I am in the fifth year of a seven year, part-time program which will lead to a Bachelor of Architecture degree.  The Part-Time Evening Program is one of only two accredited part-time evening architectural programs in the United States, and the only one in the Delaware Valley.

The most intensive course work in the architecture program at Drexel is done in the studio courses where students are given different design problems and graded equally on their ability to meet the program requirements as well as  defend their solution.  Classes meet once a week and students present their work to professor and classmates, listen to critiques and other constructive criticism, then continue to change and develop their design ideas until the next meeting.   The culmination of the design process is an architectural jury where the student presents his or her work to their professor as well as several guest jurors.  Design problems range from abstract analyses of form and order and spatial experiences to the design of complex airport terminals, dormitories and museums.

The Portfolio section of this site contains a selection of my solutions to design problems I have been tasked with during my time at Drexel. A downloadable pdf version of my full portfolio can be found here.  You can also download a copy of my resume, with a small example of my work,here.

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